SARKIS + VIDALES. Law firm ready to provide legal services appropriate to your legal situation in Mexico.

Get the legal strategies from SARKIS + VIDALES for proper results. We guarantee a safe process in your experience and give you the security you need. We provide solutions in any legal situation in which you find yourself, such as subjects of Cannabis, Telecommunications, Games and Raffles. As well, Intellectual property, Foreign investment, and Prevention of Money Laundering.


We are a law firm providing a range of legal and consulting services in various practice areas.
Our solutions are based on legal advice, service, and adequate support with each of our clients, carrying out a safe process and complying with each of the requirements they request from you or your organization.
Legal solutions adapted to your needs


Legal solutions adapted to your needs. At SARKIS + VIDALES, we provide legal services with mechanism that adapt to each legal case that comes to us. With personalized attention and transparency in the information, we provide safe and reliable results.

SARKIS + VIDALES, we represent and accompany you in every step of the process by supporting you with the fulfillment of documentation and regulations of any legal process you wish to solve.
SARKIS + VIDALES, legal solutions and strategies developed by specialists, appropriate to your necessities. Contact us and get started today.

Legal services


Commitment, representation, and legal defense in any legal process related to the relief of regulatory procedures and legal cannabis consulting.

Games and Raffles​

We provide legal regulation services in electronic sports, e-sports, and betting in general, including the opening of casinos in Mexico.


Appropriate strategies for the operation of media companies, audiovisual content, and telecommunications consulting.

Intellectual Property

Find ways of Protecting confidential information, drafting, preparation, and negotiation of legal agreements.

Venture Capital

Legal services to startups seeking financing, supporting them in the preparation of the necessary agreements and legal documents for such transactions.

Energy Law

In its various facets, Energy Law is highly regulated by its respective national and international regulatory frameworks.

Prevention of Money Laundering​

Comply with the corresponding requirements with the tax authorities and avoid multi-million dollar fines or penalties with consulting in vulnerable activities.
We provide the advice, security, paperwork, or defense you require. So contact us today and start with your legal solution.