Consulting on vulnerable activities and anti-money laundering regulations in Mexico for the prevention of money laundering

Find out and get advice from specialists. At SARKIS + VIDALES, we are experts in the Prevention of Money Laundering, legal advice, and providing legal tools to avoid any illicit financial movement against your company.
Prevention of Money Laundering

Protection and security

Our legal solution for the Prevention of Money Laundering provides the security and protection necessary for you and your organization to carry out your financial movements without the risk of being a victim of illegal activities.
In any company, you may find yourself in a vulnerable activity. Therefore, you must be advised and protected in case of any legal situation. At SARKIS + VIDALES, we have a consulting service on vulnerable activities to prevent money laundering in Mexico.

Legal advice on PLD (acronym in Spanish for Money Laundering Prevention)

We provide legal advice for individuals and legal entities that are part of a vulnerable activity in compliance with the "LFPIORPI" (Spanish acronym for Federal Law for the Prevention and Identification of Operations with Resources of Illicit Origin).


We carefully verify the adequate compliance of the obliged subject, detecting errors or omissions of any requirement. Thus, you can avoid legal consequences, such as millionaire fines.

Manual for PLD (Spanish acronym for Money Laundering Prevention)

We prepare Money Laundering Prevention manuals, a mandatory document for those who carry out vulnerable activities, prevent guidelines, identify thresholds or warnings, and optimize internal procedures in PLD.


Monitoring and personalized attention to requests and audits done by the corresponding authority.


Representation and defense in legal situations with corresponding authorities or courts, in order to challenge sanctions or fines imposed regarding PLD.

Get to know the LFPIORPI


The Federal Law for the Prevention and Identification of Operations with Resources of Illicit Origin protects the national economy, with procedures that prevent and detect acts or operations that involve financial resources of illicit origin.
Compliance with this law has benefits for those who are involved in a vulnerable activity, such as:
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Find out if you are in a vulnerable activity

Vulnerable Activities

We help you keep everything low in order


We maintain the regulations of each compliance in any vulnerable activity that you encounter. We help build and generating appropriate policies for your company by providing adequate support to any legal situation in this and other areas such as, for example, cannabis legal consulting, and in the opening of casinos in Mexico.

We help you comply with everything promptly with our consulting service on vulnerable activities. Contact us today