We provide telecommunications advice as a specialist telecommunications lawyer complying with the regulations of your project

At SARKIS + VIDALES, we provide protection and legal advice for your Telecommunications, media, and technology activity, covering practice areas such as compliance and authorization of certain regulations that your organization or project must have.


We design legal strategies for your telecommunications company, specifically working on regulatory aspects of the practice area, representing national and international companies, and guiding in the fields of technology, telecommunications, Internet, electronic
At SARKIS + VIDALES, we understand the constant changes in regulations or legal regulations in how content is consumed and distributed. For this reason, we are specialists in legal protection. We offer you the best telecommunications advice within Mexico.
  • Satellite
  • Radioelectric
  • Concessions and regulations
  • Authorizations and permits
  • Broadcasting
  • Contents, contracts, and agreements
  • Government relations


As SARKIS + VIDALES specialists, we are prepared to provide telecommunications advice, monitoring, and solutions for any legal case in the area, media, and technology.

Legal consulting and legal strategies are designed so that you as a company, brand, or organization comply with the necessary regulations and standards, allowing you to function correctly and avoiding any sanction by the corresponding authorities.

We represent each of our clients, advising and providing adequate legal monitoring in the technology and telecommunications sector, providing the necessary tools for the operation between our client and any government authority.
  • Representation
  • Legal monitoring
  • Analysis and drafting of field regulations
We have the necessary experience to advise, prepare and participate in public procurement procedures in the telecommunications area, achieving success in each legal process.
  • Public tenders
  • Review and clarifications
  • Preparation of responses
  • Formalization of contracts
  • Compliance and execution of agreements
Comply with your operations and follow the requirements requested by the corresponding authorities. At SARKIS + VIDALES, we offer you the understanding of the regulations and the transparency necessary to operate legally.
  • Network infrastructure analysis
  • Regulatory authorizations
  • Permits, registrations, and concessions for telecommunications networks
By providing a comprehensive legal service for the practice area, we represent our clients before international telecommunications organizations, preparing and succeeding in all dealings.
  • Contracts
  • Frequency assignment
  • Participation in procedures
Telecommunications, broadcasting, and content laws are already regulated areas. For this reason, legal support and monitoring are essential, negotiating optimal conditions for all types of contracts or projects.
  • Licenses and concessions in broadcasting
  • Preparation and negotiation of contracts for the film industry
  • Designs of promotions for radio and television in legal compliance
We provide specialized legal services in the software and technology sector, providing our clients with the necessary tools to design and develop any project in the area.
  • Defense of rights
  • Copyright protection
  • Negotiation of software contracts and technology development
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The telecommunications, media, and technology industry represents challenges at all times. Therefore, it is important to be prepared for any legal situation that arises, complying with the necessary regulations and allowing our clients to focus on developing their projects.
We offer legal advice to support the operational movement of organizations, protecting their data, their reputation, and representing the brand, and reducing the risk of losing the work invested due to non-compliance with rules and regulations
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