Specialists in the field of gambling, including the opening of physical and online casinos.

This implies all transactional, regulatory, corporate governance, foreign investment and contractual management aspects for gambling in Mexico. Additionally, we provide legal services to e-sports and other modern gaming modalities.
Meet requirements and standards

Design of strategies suitable for you

Our legal solution includes games, raffles, sports, and entertainment, providing legal advice and support for compliance with regulations, filling out documents, concerns, or negotiations.
  • Video game development and publishing
  • E-sports team representation
  • Regulation of players
  • E-sports tournaments
  • Streaming
  • Sponsorships
  • Merchandising and eCommerce
  • Hardware development and distribution
  • Acquisition and licensing of video games and intellectual property assets
  • Music and sound recording licenses
  • Film, Television, Media and Cable
  • Patents, trademarks and copyright protection
  • Mergers, acquisitions and strategic transactions
  • Venture and investment capital financing
  • Stadium and real estate development


With our capacity and extensive experience in games and raffles, we can provide you with legal advice and give you adequate follow-up to evolve and have the expected success in the industry

With SARKIS + VIDALES, you comply with the requirements and regulations that the virtual field requests. Follow the rules, play healthy and safe with our solutions. We defend you in any situation, including our cannabis legal consulting.

Compete and play fair. Comply with all the rules and avoid legal problems. SARKIS + VIDALES, your trusted legal advisors.
Games and raffles
By venturing into electronic sports and e-sports, we entered augmented reality, virtual, entertainment, and social networks. Together we work to generate innovative strategies designed for the industry with the support of sports law.
Merging our multiple disciplines, we comply with the regulations and standards required by our clients, with administrative, commercial, industrial property, foreign investment, and economic competition law.
In addition to supporting data protection, information technology, litigation and acquisitions, and consulting on vulnerable activities in the case of money laundering, we focus on our clients’ needs.
Compete with the security and control you need. Contact us and comply with every gaming rule.